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Happy Girl

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So finally here we are with our first blog on our new website!  It's been an exciting few years here in the White Bicycle..our move here to Holywood 4 years ago was the start of something new for us, plans were made and the website was to follow within months... Ha!

Here we are 4 years in, 2 more babies added to my brood ( that makes 4 if you're counting..and yes we are done! ) and we have only managed to get the website up and going!!!  They do say good things come to those who wait and hopefully that will be the case...

There are some fabulous products on the site simply because I am so in love with all our collections.  SET and AMERICAN VINTAGE are currently on my favorite list as well as everything else of course...  Although only back to work 3 days a week it really helps that I'm coming in to sell the most yummy of cashmere and silk mixes... A girl who loves her work  is a happy girl and today I am certainly a happy girl!! xxxx


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