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Only one word could sum up the spirit of MEXICANA : PASSION .

A passion that dates back to adolescence when a pair of cowboy boots was in our eyes a sign of rallying, rock and adventure. And then there was Mexico: a revelation.

There, we found people, traditions and a lifestyle of the dimension of our dreams.

In 1988 the MEXICANA brand was born . Because we are above all passionate about boots, our main concern remains quality. Thus, we do not import a local product, but, while perpetrating the ancestral rules of Mexican craftsmanship, we want to imprint our own identity on it in order to offer enthusiasts an authentic, distinguished boot, and thus be a true Mexican manufacturer in France.

Traditional know-how and ancestral cuts have always characterized this renowned house. Season after season, the curious and demanding spirit remains; a perfect harmony between classic, basic with original perspectives and an avant-garde spirit.

For 30 years, MEXICANA has continued to give character and direction to a legendary accessory, taking it from tradition to fashion and authentic luxury.