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Another Monday Morning

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So my Mondays generally are pretty stress free... uniforms are done, the kids haven't devoured all the food I got for lunches, they're bathed, clean and as a family we are pretty much set to take on whatever life throws at us. Until this morning! So, we have a bit of a "key" issue in our house in that someone is always losing car keys, house keys, work keys... it's generally endless, and quite often Myla has taken them and put them in her play kitchen, or handbag or suitcase, or some random place, but I thought we were over it and our new system was working. So, this morning, hubbi did the school run, I faffed about until it was time to go and realised my keys weren't hanging were they should have been, and they weren't in the kitchen, and they weren't in the hall.... and then panic set in. I was already cutting it fine for work so I did my usual manic call to Andrew... KEYS????? Of course he hadn't seen them so I traced my steps from yesterday and then it hit me.... they were in the car!!!! The car!!! Seriously?! And of course it was locked.. of course it was!  Another phone call to hubbi.... who had to cancel a meeting and come the whole way home from work. Thank you for saving my day, but you really shouldn't have locked my car last night with your keys  and  this whole disaster could have been averted.....( see what I did there?  ;-) )  So onwards and upwards for the rest of the day I hope. Tonight I am back to checking the keys are in their special place before going to bed, not when I am about to walk out the door!

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