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DAWNxDARE is a Scandinavian fashion brand with a big love for hand knit being a strong unique and essential part of our DNA.We are bringing the hand knit into a fashionable universe with coordinated styles depending on trends and what inspires us. The collection is more items based than a full collection and in this way more unique.

DAWNxDARE is working in a close collaboration with approx. 90 Italian women knitting and crocheting by hand in their homes in South of Tuscany creating little wonders in high level and exclusive certified Italian yarns. The collection is present in high end multi brand boutiques around the world. DAWNxDARE is presented in showrooms around Europe and Australia.

DAWNxDARE is for women, who dare take position, who highly value good quality of Life and dont mind paying a little extra for a nice quality. The idea behind the brand is to create a collection, with all the need-to-have loveable happy colorful hand knits you just feel like jumping into in the morning from early ”DAWN” till late at night, where the party begins and the dresses need a more cool edginess ”DARE” Our signature is the colorful stripes in endless combinations and since the lock downs during Covid-19, we have created an exclusive limited edition collection, where all knits are unique and come numbered. This part of the collection is only offered for customers supporting tha brand buying the main collection. This way we make dure nothing is left behind and all yarns are fully used. We call it responsible and sympathetic fashion.


The RAF standard (RESPONSABILE ANIMAL FIBER STANDARD) ensures that the origin of animal fibers comes from certified farms where animals are treated according to their five freedoms and also guarantees best practices in land management and protection. Through the processing stages, the certification guarantees full traceability of the entire production chain. 

Using the best mohair and kid mohair noble yarns on the market and for this SS collection also a GOTS certified organic cotton with traceability of the entire supply chain and a low environmental impact in industrial processing and creating knits by hand, we ensure a very low footprint on this planet and a sustainable production.