Fabienne Chapot started her eponymous brand under the name of Fab. in 2006. The brand was born and raised in Amsterdam, where our headquarters is still based today. The brand started as an accessory brand, mainly focusing on bags, shoes and accessories.

Sustainability is high on our agenda. We operate in a business with a huge imprint on nature and nurture. We have recently signed the Convenant Duurzame Kleding en Textiel (covenant sustainable clothing & textiles). Together we look at subjects we care about, like working conditions, climate change and animal welfare. We do really well in these areas, but we always strive for improvement. Our factories are all certified and we visit them frequently to make sure they meet our standards. From 2019 we will only use recycled materials for our packaging. These smalls steps combined start the change we would like to see in our industry and to which we are dedicated, now and in the future.